Bulletin 2 in English

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Bulletin 2 in English

FinTrailO 2021

Bulletin 2


Rules: The IOF Rules for Trail Orienteering apply to the World ranking events. The Finnish orienteering federation’s competition rules apply to the rest of events.

Jury: Chairman Juha Villikka, Jacek Wieszaczewski, third member to be announced


Event Director: Matti Ikonen +358400887965,

Event Adviser: Petteri Hakala (PreO 1), Lauri Kontkanen (all the rest competitions)

Contact person: Anna-Reetta Kontkanen


6.8. Friday:

Course setter:


TempO 1

Pinja Mäkinen

7.8. Saturday:


TempO 2

Pinja Mäkinen

Immediately after

PreO 1 (WRE)

Lauri Mäkinen


PreO 2

Petteri Hakala

8.8. Sunday:


PreO 3 (WRE)

Prizegiving ceremony after the results are final.

Petteri Hakala


Classes: Only Elite class, since there were no entries to the A class.

Embargoed areas:


All moving inside the marked areas is forbidden for persons taking part in the event until the results of the  competitions are final. Travelling through the area is permitted along Uimaharjuntie (road number 73) as well with train, but not on the Pielisjoki river, so boating by waters is forbidden. The embargo will expire in three stages, east of the railway once the TempO 1 results are final, Saturday’s terrain once all the Saturday events results are final, and rest of the area after PreO 3 results are final.

Escorts: The organizer does not provide escorts. Competing with your own escort is allowed. The escort may only help in punching and moving on, not solving the tasks.

Bib numbers: Not used.

Punching: In PreO competitions, the official punching system is manual punching. Competitor will get a card at the start. In addition to that, electronic result system ToePunch is used. Using it is voluntarily, but recommended, since it helps to get the results calculated faster.

Short instructions for ToePunch:

Each competitor will get a chipset in the start of PreO, which contain the following chips: Info, A, B, C, D, E and Z. Before the start, competitor must clear all these tags in the clear/check-unit. At the start, competitor punches the info tag to the start unit. On the course, competitor punches with a tag marked with a letter to a unit assigned with the task number. You must remember to punch in the paper card, since it is the official system. In the finish, competitor will punch the Info tag in the finish unit, and after that, the chipset is data is red with a mobile device that sends the punches to the server. The chipsets are not collected back from the competitors between PreO races. Remember to take the chipset with you to each competition. More information about the system: http://toe.yq.cz/

Maps: Sprint maps specially prepared for TrailO in all competitions. The scale in TempO 1 is 3000, in all the rest competitions it is 4000. Equidistance is 2,5 m in all maps. Mapping 2018–2021 by Petteri Hakala. Minimum height of crags and boulders 1 m, but note that all 1 meter high boulders are not mapped, since there are thousands of those. Special symbol x is used for prominent man-made feature that is not low, whereas the special symbol o is used for low or round man-made objects.

The maps of preo1 will be put in a plastic cover. The other competition maps aren’t, so we recommend to reuse the cover in the two other competitions. The weather forecasts suggest rain for Sunday only.

Terrain and routes: Terrain type is a variety of ice age forms including eskers with pine forests and drumlins next to higher hills. Terrain is mainly forests of different ages and effects of forestry, varying from semi-open logging sites of this spring to spruce forests older than 100 years. In TempO, there will be features of the open air theatre, including man-made constructions and also landforms of an old gravel pit. In PreO, there are forest terrains with lots of boulders and some crags. The routes are mainly flat gravel roads of very good quality, but in two PreO competitions, there are a couple steep parts, which are marked as One Way -sections. The visibility is mainly very good, but there are some areas of thick vegetation in the PreO competitions.

Allowed routes in preo competitions are roads and paths marked with brown color.

Zero tolerance: In all competitions, the nearest flag to the control point is located at least 5 meters away from the correct position.

TempO-stations: There are five (5) tasks per each station with six (6) flags. Maximum time is 150 seconds per station. Zero answers possible.

PreO timed controls: After the finish in all competitions. Three (3) tasks with six (6) flags, no zero answers, max time 90 seconds.


Event center: The event center is the yard of Eno summer theatre. Please note that all moving in the event center is restricted before Friday’s TempO competition. Navigation address of the event center is Paukkajanvirta 25, Joensuu. Coordinates are 62.862360,30.205766. Terrain map / Google maps

NB!! Google shows the driving route wrong, since there is no more railroad crossing next to the theatre, you need to drive along Paukkajanvirta road through tunnel, turning right after the Rahkeenniemi guide sign.

Guiding: Guiding to the event center and competition areas starts from road Uimaharjuntie (road number 73).

Info: Info will be serving in the event center during the TempO competition of Friday. On Saturday and Sunday, it will be serving on the competition sites.

WC: There is Inva-WC in the event center. It can not be used before the TempO 1 competition. After that, you can use it the whole weekend.


Results: You can see the results as well as the start lists on preoresultat.se


Overall results: FinTrailO multi-day competition’s results are counted of TempO and PreO competitions’ results so that three best scores of five events are counted for each participant. Relay formula is used to convert PreO scores to seconds as the following way: mistakes in PreO-competitions x 60 s + times on timed controls. Only the difference to winner will be counted in each event. Those three competitions that give smallest seconds are counted for each participant

Prizes: Best competitors will be rewarded in both E and A categories.




Friday 6.8.

TempO 1

FinTrailO begins with Friday’s TempO in the event center at 17:00. There are 5 stations in the competition. Course length is 400 m. Competitor will be given a route map at the start, also guiding used between some stations. Parking happens along the road to the theatre, max 200 m away, start and finish in the event center. Note that there is a railway next to the event arena, crossing or walking on it is forbidden, take care that your children keep away from it.

A small cafe will be serving on Friday. It is arranged by the theater owner, actor Pekka Räty. The cafe is located in a place in the theater where you are not allowed to go before you have participated the TempO. Competitors are directed from the course to finish next to the cafe. You can take your money with you, or return to car to get some money and come back to the café.

On the last station, it is possible to stay in the audience to follow the competition for a while, that is also a good place to drink the coffee. Remember to keep distance to other persons that do not belong to your group, and wearing mask is recommended there. The theater shouldn’t become full or some should leave it.

Note that the cafe will be serving only on Friday.

It is also possible to go swimming in the event center, but remember that it is a streaming river.

Saturday 7.8.


The address of the competition site is Sirkanpurontie 450. Coordinates are 62.850831,30.189279. Guiding to the site begins from the road Uimaharjuntie. Parking happensa long the Sirkanpurontie road, so that other vehicles can pass through the road too. There is a small hippodrome, also to the road leading there may be used for parking a few cars. Watch the map above. Note! Going to the hippodrome and driving through it is strictly forbidden!

Model preo course

Before the tempo, it is possible to attend a short model preo course. There is 400 meter walk from parking to the start, length of the course is some 100 m. There is no guiding to the model course, look the route in the guide map. The model is self-service, you can take the maps in a bucket in the start. The solutions are in the same map. No timed controls or tempo stations, only A cluster tasks, 6 in total. The route should be possible to go even with a wheelchair.

TempO 2

The first competition of the day is the TempO 2 at 10:00. There are 6 TempO stations in the race. Length of the course is 500 m. There is a gate at the beginning of the route, but it should be open and if not, you can pass it by from the right side. Note that the scale of the map is 4000 despite the pre-information.

PreO 1

PreO 1 starts immediately after TempO. The start is only 100 meters away from the finish of TempO. Course length is 700 m, 24 tasks, max time 90 min, in P class 100 min. From the finish to the parking is also 700 m. You have to cross a small river on a bridge on the way to the start. The bridge is old, but crossing it is possible by walk and also with a wheelchair most likely, we try to add more boards on it to make it easy. If you can not cross this with a wheelchair, you may drive to the other side, but not along this old bridge, along the main road instead. Do not drive on the old bridge even after the competition.

PreO 2

In the afternoon is PreO 2. Course length 800 m, 26 tasks, max time 100 min, in P-class 105 min. There is One-way in the course, where you are allowed to move forward only. It is allowed to stop on the one-way, but going back isn’t. The tasks prior that one-way must be punched before passing through the one-way.  From the finish, competitors will need to walk the way back to the parking site through the start. The parking site is the same as in the Saturday morning’s competitions, from which there is around 1 km walk to the start. Those who move by wheelchair, have other disabilities and elderly people may park very close to the start site. They will be given a special map, you can ask for that by writing to fintrailo2021@gmail.com.

Sunday 8.8.

PreO 3

Competition starts at 10 am.

The address of the competition site is Sirkanpurontie 230. Coordinates are 62.866325,30.161861. Driving to the competition site is only allowed along the guided route which starts from the junction of roads Uimaharjuntie and Sirkanpurontie. Parking happens to another small forest road, partly to the other side of the small river. The distance from parking to the start is around 400 m. Length of the course 1,3 km, 31 tasks, max time 140 min, in P class 150 min. There is one-way on the course. The tasks before the one-way have to be punched before passing through it. There is a 1,7 km walk back to the parking from the finish.


If you will leave the arena before the results are final, you should go back to the same direction where you arrived to the site, to the road Uimaharjuntie. If you leave after results are final you may drive directly to south-west, via an old weapon cache.


Restaurants, kiosks and grocery stores in weekends:

S-Market, Kauppatie 1, Eno, Mon-Sat 7-21, Sun 9-21

K-Market, Niskantie 21, Eno, Mon-Sat 7-21, Sun 9-21

Restaurant Dona, Kauppatie 9, Eno, Fri-Sat 10.30-21.30, Sun 11-21

R-kioski, Enontie 50, Eno, Mon-Fri 7.30-20, Sat-Sun 9-20


S-Market, Honkajoentie 2, Uimaharju Mon-Sat 7-21, Sun 9-21.

K-Market Kotiharju, Harjunraitti 17, Uimaharju, Mon-Sat 7-21, Sun 9-21

Lounaskahvio Saana (restaurant and cafe), Honkajoentie 1, Uimaharju, Fri 8.30-00.30, Sat 12-00.30, Sun 14-20

Ahvenisen kioski, Ahvenisentie 1492, Ahveninen, every day at 10-19


Contacts: fintrailo2021@gmail.com


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