FinTrailO 2021

FinTrailO 2021

FinTrailO 2021 viralliset kisasivut / The official FinTrailO 2021 page 

Aika / Time: 6.-8.8.2021

Paikka / Place: Eno, Joensuu


Bulletiini 1 suomeksi

Bulletin 1 in English


Information for foreign participants: The border control from Schengen and EU countries to Finland will end on July 25th. It means, that you will be allowed to come, but if you are coming from a risk country, you will need to show a negative Covid test or a vaccination certificate. Check the html page of bulletin 1 (linked above) for more information. 

If you are coming from a risk country outside the Schengen area, you should inform us until July 31th. The border guard will give you a special permission for entering Finland. In this case, please write asap to fintrailo(at)


Ohjelma / Schedule


6.8. Perjantai / Friday

17.00 TempO 1


7.8. Lauantai / Saturday

9.00 TempO 2

Heti perään / Immediately after PreO 1


15.00 PreO 2

8.8. Sunnuntai / Sunday

Klo 10.00 PreO 3 

Palkitseminen tulosten valmistuttua. / Prizegiving ceremony after the results are final.


FinTrailO koostuu tänä vuonna viidestä osakilpailusta. Yhteistuloksiin lasketaan kolme osakilpailua. /

FinTrailO consists of five competitions. The three best competitions will be calculated in total results.



PDF-tiedostoFinTrailO_2021_bulletiini_1.2.pdf (1.4 MB)
Bulletiini 1 suomeksi, versio 1.2
PDF-tiedostoFinTrailO_2021_bulletin_1.3.pdf (1.3 MB)
Bulletin 1 in English, version 1.3