Get ready for FinTrailO 2017!


FinTrailO 2017 gathers trail orienteers from all around the world to Finland in the end of April. Competitors from 13 nations have already entered themselves to the competitions. This year FinTrailO is arranged in the detailed forest terrains of Espoo - in the same city as two years ago.

Favourites in the total competition are Jan Furucz, Luis Gonçalves, Jana Kostova and Marco Giovannini. The Swedish star Marit Wiksell has won the total competition 2014, 2015 and 2016 - can she do it once again? The top Finns might also on their home ground challenge the favourites. Last year's best Finnish trail orienteer Pinja Mäkinen is the strongest Finnish hope in FinTrailO. Also Antti Rusanen is getting in better shape as he has won all competitions after being defeated on the second day in the Nordic match last September.