Finnish championships in trailo 22.-23.8.2015, Bulletin 1


The Bulletin 1 for Finnish Championships 2015 is published.

The Finnish championships in trailo are held in Kontiolahti 22.-23.8.2015. The bulletin 1 is published now. It is possible to take part in championships from abroad, but achieving a medal is not possible according new rules.

Organizers will offer something new for tempo and preo: finals where spectators stand behind the competitors. The course planner Lauri Kontkanen says that organizing team aims to show all results in real-time during the finals. "We are searching ways how to make online results and thereby preo and tempo more visible. In both tempo and preo there are separate finals for best competitors and the idea is to bring the whole final in front of spectators. That's something no one has done before in trailo ", Kontkanen explains. 

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